Friday, July 2, 2010

Sarasgad Trek

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This blog is exclusively for trekkers. In this i will tell you my experience about Sarasgad trek. How to reach over there and what all things you can enjoy. before going ahead here is short intro about me And here is short intro of Sarasgad Fort.

This fort is located near by Pali where


Ballaleshwar Ashtavinayak Mandir is located in Raigad district. Fort is at height of 1400-1600 ft. Fort don't have a long history but this fort get an importance as it is just next to Sudhagad which was supposed to become Capital instead Raigad. This fort was under 'Swarajya' where Shivaji Maharaj spend 2000 hone for reconstruction of this fort. After that till independence it was under Bhor Sansthan. This is one the fort where British didn't made any move to destroy this fort. But unfortunately by grace of archeological survey of India it's not it good condition now.

We started this trek from Nagothane and i guess this one is easiest route to go for this trek. In morning we all met at Diva railway station at 6 am from Diva we catch Diva Passenger (Konkan Railway) at 6.20 am. It almost take 2.5 hours to reach Nagothane. 

Train take us to Nagothane by 9.10 and we took 6 seater auto from Nagothane to Pali which take 10Rs. per person.

We reach Pali at 11am. From main entrance of Pali take left and walk from side of Pali Nivas-sthan. This route will directly take you to hill.

After climbing few minutes you can enjoy beautiful scenery.  

Going ahead for 30-40 minutes you will reach one plateau where you can take rest for 10 minutes.

Going on this trek in rainy season is a great experience. Thought this trek is very easy but it have a bit continuous steep so one can exhaust very soon in summer. Going ahead for 20 minutes you reach to bottom of stairs which take us to entrance door. In rainy season it is advise to complete this patch with care as it become very slippery and this is a bit thought part of trek with small rock patch.  

Once you cross this rock-patch you can see big stairs which take us to fort entrance. Here are few pics from the same spot................

Once you climb all stairs you can see big entrance door and then on fort there are many water reservoir tanks you can find. Scenery from fort is just hard to describe in words.

Water Reservoir

Going ahead we took complete round to the pinnacle which take us to top of the fort where you can find Shiva temple and lake. From pinnacle the beauty of nature is just awesome. I guess this trek is easy one but it's one of the best memory i have in my trekking experience.
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Lord Shiva Mandir
Marvelous piece of art by Nature...... 
Sad ghalato ha maharashtra....
'Maharshtra maza ani me Maharashtracha.........'

You can check other photos of this trek with this link

Dedicated to all trekkers..............
Harshad Karekar.          .........


  1. We are proved to we are born in Maharashtra...
    We must see all this types of forts.. Jai Bhawani... Jai Shivaji........

  2. तु काढलेले photo खूप सुंदर आहेत. आम्हांला ते पाहायला आवडतील

  3. Really nice and crisp information. Thanks mitra.....

  4. Not very good for families. slippery at some levels in monsoon. It is a medium grade trek.During the trek, carry 3Lt of water to drink.Sports shoes are preferred. Thanks

  5. Thank you so much. Its nice to read it. got an idea about the trek. I am going tomorrow. Thanks again.

  6. Most useful blog fr my next trek...thank u...n keep uploading such blogs...👍😊